My Soulmate

My idea of a soulmate is quite different from the typical view. The usual idea of “we know what each other is thinking, and we finish each other’s sentences, and we just always think alike blady, blah, nanny, pussy boo boo,” is hilarious hogwash. It is completely rooted in the physical, and the inane little minds of humans in an attempt to justify relationships. I believe my soulmate and I have a much deeper connection.  She may not be my lover, partner or even a part of my life in a physical sense, but she completely pisses me off, shakes things up, pushes every single one of my buttons, challenges me, and irritates me to the point of wanting to chew and spit nails. By so doing, she reveals my shortcomings and helps me to grow into a better person. Unbeknownst to her, she is my greatest teacher.

She found me in the most insanely unimaginable place. She singled me out of millions and innocently set herself up to enrich my life to the greatest possible degree. She was completely unaware of what she was doing. It happened on its own. It is said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” She is here.

She has no idea of the affect of her presence in my life. It’s quite simply the Universe working its miracles. One never knows how she is affecting another in a moment. She may be saving a life and be totally unaware. (Hence, kindness matters.) Sometimes you meet a person for a moment and she is with you for the rest of your life. Perhaps not physically,  but certainly in your heart and soul and your entire being. We are all simply energy, and it is not necessary to be lying beside a person to feel and be touched by her energy.

My soulmate inspired me to begin living authentically. She changed my reality. I’ve dropped the wretched facade I created in order to try to live by society’s standards. I’m completely (albeit slowly) presenting myself as who I am – FTM TRANSGENDER. It was a simple thing, really. She honored my true self without batting an eye, and continues to do so. Neither of us had the slightest idea that this one sincere action would change my life. I now look forward to the future. I feel inspired. I feel free.

My great desire is that I may, by some miracle, reciprocate this extraordinary bliss back to her, but for now, thank you. I’m so grateful for you.

But, damn you, woman, now I have to research packing and binding and surgeries, and oh my gaaaawwwd.

We’ll see.
With great respect and love.