Open letter to US Congress

All life is energy, and I subscribe to the belief that the energy IS what most Americans call God. I prefer to call it the source. We humans, ALL humans, are that same energy, therefore making us ALL part and parcel of “God.” No one is better or worse than anyone else. No one belongs when others do not. No one has rights that others do not have. No one gets to appoint himself regulator of the rights of others.

We desire leadership who values all encompassing human rights. We desire leadership who refuses to lift some while supressing others. We value leadership who knows that just because he believes something to be right and true, it is not necessarily so for others. My “God” does not create humans one way then create rules stating that way is wrong. All of the categories and segregations are solely created by man, and as such, are little more than white noise. We desire leadership who understands that it is ALL about the love.

Building walls, threatening war, ignoring global warming, deporting Americans, regulating healthcare choices, Inserting your values and egos into people’s marriage and lifestyle behavior and segregations embraced for any reason are unacceptable. As representatives of the citizens of America, you do not have the right to choose your beliefs, desires and values over the beliefs, desires and values of the people. Please, do the right thing.

Open your eyes (what I really desire to say here is remove your heads from your asses) and you will clearly see and know the desires of the American people. Do not allow yourselves to be brutalized by an agressive, abusive, and unquestionably unqualified POTUS. Stand up for the people. We do not desire this administration. We did not vote for it. We deserve better.

It’s all about the love.